Two of Top Travel Booking Sites Nowadays, you no longer need to look for a travel agency if you want to go on a holiday trip, instead, you look for top travel booking sites. Two best booking sites are and Expedia. Each of them has its own strong points. is the best airfare site. Basically, if you want to get the best price for your airplane ticket, then you should go to this site. One of the reasons as to why this site is the best airfare site is because it can give you the cheapest airplane ticket. Another good thing is that it will offer you airplane tickets that are in the middle and lower end. becomes the best also because it has a great filter. So, you can easily find and compare flights and get the best deal. You can find the ticket you need easily by choosing the trip type, the city where you live and the destination, the date, and what class you want. Unfortunately, does not have a flexible dates tool. So, if you already know when you want to go, you can use this site. But, if you want to check the prices of airplane tickets on multiple days or months, then you should use another site. Even so, is still one of the top travel booking sites. Expedia Another weakness of is that it only offers you the price of airplane tickets. If you want to rent a car in your destination city, then you should look for Expedia. You can even pick the exact type of car you want. You can also choose the time and place for you to pick the car and drop it off. If you already have a renting company you like, then you can even ask for that specific company. If you need special equipment, you can do that too. The best thing about Expedia is that it offers you the price range of car rental daily. Expedia also has a map for car rental companies. So, if you need to look for a rental car company, you can easily look for it on Expedia. Compared to the rivals, Expedia’s map is the best. One of the reasons is because the map is equipped with a filter. Unfortunately, Expedia is not perfect. One of the downsides of this site is that the airfare pricing it offers you are mediocre. Even so, Expedia is still considered as one of the top travel booking sites.


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