Every Filipino home, celebrates the New Year’s Eve which is a big celebration in the Family.

I usually take charge of the Jingle portion, in which everyone has the 24 coins in the pocket. Once it is 12 midnight, everyone has to jump and say ” HAPPY NEW YEAR”.

Aside from this, it is also a tradition to prepare food which is a good luck to welcome the New Year.

1. Pansit – This is believe to bring long life to every member of the family.

Dua. 12 round fruits – That every month, it is very fruitful through out the year or 12 months.

Tiga. Lentils and Beans – It is customary to eat Lentils and Beans on New Year’s eve to bring luck which symbolizes coins.

4. Round Cake – round cake symbolizes wholeness and completion of the whole year.

5. Fish – symbolizes long and healthy life.

6. Pork – many people eat this because this symbolizes high fat content which means wealth. Avoid chicken and poultry products, because chickens scratch backwards just to get food.

Those are the food  usually prepared/eaten than bring luck to every Family on New Year’s Eve.


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