There are beautiful places to visit during the winter season in 2019. Among those top 4 are listed below for your excellent guide. I will provide more in my next post.

1. ECUADOR -Ecuador’s various landscape that surrounds the Amazon Jungle, which is located on the South America west coast. A small country and the capital city Quito as one of the largest in this country, which is rich in wildlife and with the longest mountain ranges and with a full or partial political control / occupied by the Spaniards. There are two climates in Ecuador, which is wet and dry. During the month of December to May which is hot and humid during wintertime in Europe.  The best time to visit Ecuador is in the months of June, July, and August as fauna develops and grows in the Jungle.

Where to stay?

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What to do?

  • Learn to Surf in Montanita.
  • Explore the Amazon Jungle – where wildlife is rich.
  • Get on the Equator in Quito
  • Go shopping at Otavalo Market
  • Trudge the Quilotoa Loop
  • Get Wet and Wild in Banos
  • Boat trip in the Galapagos Islands.
  • Tour the historic Galapagos islands where Charles Darwin elaborate his theory of evolution.

2. TURKEY– Ankara is the modern capital of Turkey. This country is either side of Easter Europe and Western Asia, with societal connections to Ancient Greek, Romanians, Byzantines, Ottoman, Persian

The climate of Turkey is hot, dry summers, wet winters and cold to cold.

What to do?

  • Visit Istanbul as this is the center of Turkish life.  As the major transit hub in Europe and Asia, with top attractions like Blue Mosque, and Old Bazaar.
  • Visit Cappadocia the phantasmagorical surreal dream and typical fairy chimneys, cone-shaped rock formations that congregated all over Monks Valley and Goreme.
  • Experience the local Raki
  • Try the Turkish spa and many more.


To read more of this, An Epic Journey in Vienna, Austria

Go for sightseeing at the city center of Vienna, Austria is known as Viennese Stephansdom

During winter, Austria City Center will look like this.

4. New York City-  The most popular city in New York, with 7 boroughs and Manhattan as the commercial center. NY city as the largest city in the US with 8.3M estimated the population in 2018.

The famous landmark in NY is the Statue of Liberty, top universities in the world are situated in New York, and the world’s leading financial center anchored Wall Street and Financial District of Lower Manhattan. Witness the bona fide phenomenon in New York City during New Year’s eve during the ceremony of lowering the Ball as thousands of people gather to witness this event.

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