Best Travel Magazines with Smart Tips, Guides, and Information

For travelers, sparing their money to buy the best travel magazines is something good. Yes, not only the GPS, travelers, and backpackers need other references while conducting a trip. The information inside is important particularly when they must go to a place that has not been recognized before. In this article, there is the list of top 5 best travel magazines that you should subscribe. What are they?

National Geographic Traveler

This magazine is available in many countries with license and it has so much beneficial information inside. National Geography itself has been established in the US since 1888 to acknowledge people in term of geography. Then, it launches a magazine that is intended especially for the travelers who want to gain more knowledge before they start to do their trip.Well, even the pictures presented in the magazine are very attractive.

Budget Travel

Traveling is indeed a part of the modern lifestyle.Unfortunately, there are still people who think twice to go somewhere because of the limited budgets. Budget Travel offers you many good solutions anyway.The content of this magazine is mostly talking about how you can go to the tourist spots as you want before spending too much money. Besides, there are many guides, tips, and tricks given so that your budget traveling is still fun and exciting.

The Travel ist

This magazine is published once in two months. The articles are complete alongside with the valid data. Here, you can find more information regarding the best tourist destinations, transportation,accommodation, culinary, guides, and more. Sure, there are also tricks to spend fewer budgets while your trip is still fascinating. The Travel ist is also available in an online format in which the pictures can be downloaded.

Travel and Leisure

Many magazines may discuss how to save money while traveling. Well, Travel and Leisure talks about such a matter as well. But more than that, it also gives much information if you want to spend the holiday in such luxurious places. There are also guides to travel all around the world as well as the list of hotels and accommodations.

Coastal Living

This magazine is intended for you who dream about living in the seashore. Although you may not want to live there permanently,there are tips and guides what to prepare before living in a coastal area.Coastal Living also gives you the list of areas and islands with the best beaches necessary to spend your holidays.


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