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For those wanting to get their hands on Expedia travel vacations cheap flights airline tickets & airfares, there are several tricks that you can do. These tricks listed below are tricks that can work in a whole lot of travel agencies, not only Expedia, so if you are booking using other agencies, you can also use the tricks below.

The first trick is to go unknown with your browser

This is probably the oldest trick that travel agencies can play on you. When you are looking for a ticket through websites, chances are the website will store your visit in the form of cookies. These cookies are not delicious, mind you, and they are there so that the website giving you cookies can some what ‘track’ your record there.

There are many things that the websites can do by planting cookies on your computer. They can see what flights you have been looking, they can track how many times you have visited a particular page, and they can also change the price based on the numbers of your visit. You see,travel websites often urge people to quickly purchase tickets by saying that the ticket price will go up the longer you delay. Truth is, they are the one doing the price change, not the airlines themselves. This is an old trick, but a lot of people have fallen for this.

To counter this kind of ‘fraud’, you can go incognito with a web browser of your choice. By going incognito, you will automatically reject all sorts of cookies being given by websites. Not only that this is safer for you (some websites can give you dangerous cookies that act like a spying tool on your computer), you will avoid the deliberate ‘fraud’ by travel agencies.

Find the perfect flying days

The calendar is a good way to know whether or not you can get cheap flights. Airline companies will often raise their ticket price swhen weekends or holiday seasons kick in. Because airline companies raise the prices, travel agencies will also do the same. Identify the days where the flights are cheapest and book a flight on that day. This method, of course,will not be very useful if you are pressed for quick flights. If you are not in a hurry, this will be a good thing to do.

Book flights in other currencies

This method is a good method if you are travelling toother countries whose currency is weaker than your own country. Many travel agencies today will allow you to book flights using a different currency from what you are using at the moment. By booking flights using currencies not of your own, the ticket price will definitely be lower (provided your currency is stronger than your destination country’s currency). Obviously, this would notwork for interstate flights. If you are booking Expedia travel vacations cheap flight airline tickets & airfares for interstate flights,do not use this method because it will be a folly.


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