Travel delays and cancellation of flights

How do you feel if your flight is delayed or cancelled again? It is not a good sign though. As a traveler, this really affects your schedules. It is considered delayed flight when it is 15 minutes later than its scheduled time. I have experienced this twice in my travel/ journey.

Some countries have different rules about flight delayed or cancellation refund and payments to the passengers.

In Europe states that flight delays for over three hours, cancellations and denied boarding entitles passengers to a compensation from €250 up to €600 per passenger from the airline.  This is their one of the most important thing you should know when traveling use this travel tips. Such a good way to make the passengers smile at least.

But, why is it the flights are delayed or even cancelled as the most disappointed situation for a passenger.

There are plenty of reasons, one of those are the following:

1. Weather issue. Storm, blizzard, bad weather, or even typhoon. In the Philippines, most of the airline companies, cancelled the flights. Starting February 6, there are hundreds of flights cancelled due to the ongoing Coronavirus which is also known as infectious bronchitis virus virions. Where it is a

2019?20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, around 800 plus people died as for latest update. To avoid the spread of this epidemic disease, hundreds of flights and even thousands are stranded in their travel.

Dua. There is air congestion traffic – the reason why there is delay of flights due to the situation. There is no choice but to wait for the advise from the airport authorities. I have experienced this many times. And having a scheduled trip upon arrival, with few hours interval is a very disgusting situation. But you left with no choice.

3. Fueling. When the aircraft needs to refuel and some delays happened with the aircraft facility for refueling. This happens many times. The delay for 15 minutes, it is true every time, the aircraft captain will announce and will tell sorry for the inconvenience.

4. Arrival of the flight is delayed. This means, it will also delay the next flight. There is a domino effect. So how will the passengers be compensated? With less than tiga hours of delay, is there any way to get compensated without passengers fault.

5. Maintenance problems. If I am the passenger, I will not board the aircraft if there is a problem with engine or something technical issues. But why the airline will not announce this? For some reason, they should not hide anything. It is the passengers choice,and if this so takes many hours, the airline company should pay reimbursement, delay charges, even the opportunity costs that is lost for the passenger, should be compensated.

6. Natural disaster, like earthquake, tsunami or something which is risky to fly. It is called the ACTS of Nature. Nothing can stop this, except to stop the airline company to operate in few days due to this reason.

In EU, Eu airlines should pay compensation charge of 600 euros if the flight is delayed more than tiga hours as it is covered by the rule Regulation 261/2004.

But in cases which is beyond the airlines control, compensation fee is not applicable. When you need international travel tips ,check in here. I have posted so many tips for you.

7. Security checks. There is a strict security checks for aircraft before it will depart for a flight. To ensure safety of all passengers, this is done before the aircraft departs.

8. Terrorism.  There are so many reasons but God forbids this in our journey. There are many cases in this scenario. Due to this, many flights are delayed and cancelled too.

9. Air glitches. One of the top reason for flight delays is due to air glitches. There are thousands of flights in the air space. Anything which can even cause a delay, will delay the rest of the succeeding flights. This cannot be avoided.

When having this issues, coordinate with the airline companies. And make sure you are compensated with your inconvenient situation.


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