How to Pack on a Budget

The wintery weather has finally started to let up, and the sun is shining more each day. For most of us, it means it’s time to start planning the next trip. Whether you’re planning on hitting the beach or the mountains, there’s one thing you’ll need to do first: pack your bags!

If you’re like most travelers, you don’t want to break the bank on your trip, but you also don’t want to be schlepping around your entire house. So, how can you pack light and still have everything you need?

We’re here to show you how! Just follow these effortless tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a worry-free vacation.

Roll Your Clothes

Have you spent your entire life neatly folding your clothes after a thorough ironing session, only to have them come out of the suitcase wrinkled and creased? Well, there’s a better way! Instead of folding each item, neatly roll them into little cylinders. It will save space and keep your clothes from getting wrinkled. Win-win!

If you could use some more space, invest in a packing cube. They’re essentially like little drawers that you can pack into your suitcase. Packing cubes help you keep your clothes organized and fresh out of the dryer. No more rummaging through your bag for that one shirt you know is in there somewhere!

Use Your Shoes

We all know that shoes take up a lot of space, so it’s vital to utilize them to their full potential (we’re not talking running right now!).

Shoes are the perfect spot to store your socks, underwear, and other small items. For example, if you’re packing a pair of flats, stuff them with socks or undies.

Another great way to use your shoes is to pack them on the outside of your suitcase. It keeps them from taking up valuable space inside and protects your clothes from getting dirty. If you’re worried about your precious Nikes getting scuffed, simply put them in a shoe bag before packing them on the outside.

Or, the simplest of all, wear the heaviest pair to the airport! You will free up some space and stay well within the weight limit.

Use Vacuum Bags

The mother of all space savers, vacuum bags are a traveler’s best friend. You can use them for everything from clothes to toiletries to pillows (yes, those are ESSENTIAL).

Simply place your items inside and seal the bag. Then, using a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment, suck all the air out of the bag. Voila! You’ve just saved yourself a ton of space.

You can find vacuum bags at most stores that sell luggage or travel accessories. They’re relatively inexpensive and will last you for years to come.

Pack Your Jewelry Last

Anyone who tells you that you won’t need your pretty statement necklaces or sparkly earrings on vacation is lying. Of course, you’ll want to dress up for dinner or a night out!

Packing your jewelry last is a great way to keep it from getting tangled or lost in the shuffle. Store them in a padded pouch and tuck it into your suitcase. No, you can’t keep that acrylic necklace in the same pouch as your grandmother’s pearls, but you get the idea.

We know you’d want to keep all those anklets for your beach vibe, but please be selective! Pick the versatile pieces you can pair with multiple outfits and still look chic!

Decant Your Toiletries

This one is for all the ladies (and gents) who just can’t leave home without their entire beauty routine. We get it; you need your face wash, moisturizer, three different types of mascara, and all the hair products. But do you really need to bring the entire bottle of each?

Probably not.

Instead of packing your entire beauty routine, take some time to decant your toiletries into small bottles or containers. Head out to your nearest travel accessories store to find these saviors. You’ll have a ton of space and weight in your suitcase to thank them for.

And, if you’re not so particular about the type of shampoo you use, take advantage of the complimentary toiletries at your hotel. Most hotels provide soap, shampoo, and conditioner for their guests. Why not save yourself the bother of packing it?

Use a Scarf as a Blanket

If you’re like most people, you love to travel but hate the thought of having to sit in a cramped, uncomfortable airplane seat for hours on end. One way to make the experience more bearable is to bring a scarf.

Not only will a scarf keep you warm on a chilly flight, but it can also double as a blanket or pillow. And, if you choose a scarf made from natural fibers like cotton or linen, it will be soft and gentle on your skin.

You never valued that skimpy little scarf your aunt got you for Christmas until now, huh?

Final Thoughts

We understand that vacations, poses, pictures (lots of ’em), and memories are important but so is your money. So, don’t spend all your savings on overpriced luggage or checked baggage fees.

Save yourself the money and the headache by packing smart. Use these tips to pack light and efficiently, so you can focus on what’s important: having a great time!

Now that you know how to pack on a budget go forth and enjoy your travels! Just don’t forget your sunscreen.

Happy Packing!