Kinderdijk, Molenlanden is located in South Holland and it is very known at UNESCO World Heritage that features 19 windmills for its water management and pumping stations, dikes and reservoir to control flooding in the area. The 19 windmills are made since the 18th century. Dutch are known as water savvy for a millennium. This is their clever solutions to save up from flooding.

How to reach  Kinderdijk, Molenlanden?

From Rotterdam Erasmusbrug – Get a water taxi ride for Ridderkerk, and transfer to the Driehoeksveer (Driehoeks ferry for Eur1.7 single trip.

The water bus is a fast ferry that is available daily. Ov chip cards can be used for water taxi transport, but RET cannot be used for this.

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Kinderdijk Museum

Exciting and a wonderful experience I had at Kinderdijk, I have so many photos for my readers to know what’s best to do in South Holland.

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