It is a brand new year 2020, Happy New Year to all the readers and information is available for everyone that supported this 8 year old blog. As a traveler too, I aim to spend less and enjoy the best benefits that I can get from the deals and promotions for perfect for your travel plans this year.

All said and bid farewell to 2019, since it was a year full of graces, blessings, more travels, experiences, good vibes, negative vibes that made you and me stronger than ever before, and be the better and brighter version of you and me for 2020.

As we welcome the year with full of expectations, with travel plans, new suitcases probably for new travel destinations in our list. I have made a perfect travel guide for you, since we dearly love the readers and information searchers in this portal.

Our mission for the year 2020, is to make every travel of you the best of travels in a lifetime. We aim to provide a detailed tip, guide which is based on real life travel experiences. A travel guide exclusively for the readers here.

How to save when you travel to and from the PHILIPPINES. A short preview about the Philippines. It is an Asian country situated near the Pacific ocean, with around 7,641 islands and only around 2,000 islands being inhibited by Filipinos! Manila as the capital of the country. I’m born and raised in Tagbilaran City, Bohol Philippines.   For proper view, a satellite travel map is available below.

As you can see, it is surrounded with South China Sea, Celebes Sea, and the east facing the Pacific Ocean. The nearest Asian countries are the following: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Hongkong.


A. Travel ticket, the main thing you need to look for when it comes to travel to and from the PHILIPPINES.

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TIP: for better view of the Philippine Islands, click the plus button to zoom and make it clearer in every island.

WHICH MAP APP is this? Google Maps, on Satellite view.


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