Let’s count the days left for 2013. What have you done and what you did not do for the year 2013?

I am counting the days, and we have 2 days left to welcome the year 2014. I am grateful for the year 2013.

Many things happened in my life, but there are negative but with overwhelming positive results for the year 2013. Have you take down notes for those achievements you have so far?

This is the time to thank for all the myriad blessings that were bestowed upon us. A year that we can say,

a year of hope, trials, but with Great Faith in Heaven. We too have beliefs and traditionally we serve food that will give us luck for welcoming the year. It is not by belief that you can achieve such wish, but you have to work for it.  Strive for the best, positive outlook and good vibes is the best way to achieve such wishes.

Round fruits that will wish us Luck in welcoming the Year 2014!

Not only fruits but also clothes, which are traditionally worn on New Year’s Eve. Anything with polka dots design is also resembles "Luck", due to the fact that circles or dots symbols money.

Aside from wearing polka dots on New Year’s Eve, it is also a tradition even in my family to

prepare 24 coins in our pockets to attract wealth. Jump as high as we can with the belief that will help grow taller.

These are few of the traditions which Filipino’s usually practice on New Year’s Eve.

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