It’s been awhile that I haven’t updated this travel blog of mine. When I am at home, I decided in a whim to write again and thought of the mobile apps that are very important in your travel. If you want to come here , be ready because the Philippines is a tropical country where you can enjoy the natural wonders and best places to relax. Philippines is prone to typhoon and earthquake but rich in natural resources. With 7,107 islands, I am sure you will really enjoy your stay and hop in one island to another. You will be amazed because there are multiple ethnicity and  cultures everywhere. Great people and great culture influenced by Spaniards, Americans, and Japanese.

Now, let me talk about Cebu… Cebu has a lot of places you can visit. Before you travel make sure you have the following Mobile Travel App for traveling tips:

For Iphone:

1. Google Earth


dua. Gogobot


3.FlightTrack Free


For Nokia Phones:

1. MMDA- Metro Manila Traffic Locator

2. META Friend Locator

3. Google Road Maps


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