TIPS to Get Over the FEAR of SOLO TRAVEL

I’ve done several solo trips in my 8 years of traveling the world and I know that still travel can be a bit daunting there are a lot of unknowns and without anyone there to help you you’re stuck relying on yourself to manage and handle everything so here it ways to break down your fear of solo travel all trouble especially solo travel is a lot of problem solving everything you do can be broken up into small problems with shield and need to solve the more problems you salt to their you get it selling them the key is trust in your abilities to naturally solve these travel lighted problem most of them are the same problems and solve it home and when you take it step-by-step it’s much easier than the weather like this how would you find a combination and places to eat or things to do in your hometown Google well the same things work abroad it’s the same skillset just in a different location determine your comfort zone it’s okay not to know right away as there

and infrastructure easy to get around and to figure out where to go you won’t get lonely making friends is very very easy Once you were on the road when you were pushed out of your comfort zone it forces you to reach out to people for help for questions and just for General socialization you have to open up you need to learn to be the instigator the person starting up the conversation even if it’s just a simple as saying hi I need what’s your name to the person next to you when I was at the airport trying to figure out how do I get to my hostel I noticed a few other Backpackers trying to do the same so I went up to them and I ask them where they were going if they were heading into town and if they wanted to share a ride better yet they knew of the public bus which was a dollar 30 instead of the $30 that the taxes were trying to charge me so I asked if I can follow along and we all found the stuff together and low and behold our hustles were right beside each other it worth

to Get Over the FEAR of SOLO TRAVEL
to Get Over the FEAR of SOLO TRAVEL

great learning to put yourself out there as a talk to people is such a valuable skill will learn to master the more you travel solo act confident and like you know what you were doing that scammers are less likely to bother you walk with purpose and try to blend in as much as possible this is the time to be extra inconspicuous with your clothing and jewelry you’re trying to knock that out as much as you can start small if you never traveled by yourself and are considering a lengthy solo trip start by doing a small trip first this helps calm anxious friends and family members and it helps you gain more confidence in your skills as a Solo Traveler think of it like learning to swim you don’t just jump off the deep end and started the kiddie pool with water wings and you learn how to swim you practice and then you work your way up to the deep end with your swimming abilities always have a working phone if you are

cuddling with someone else this isn’t as important but if you are alone please make sure that you can call someone if you are lost or if you need help this is like see if you want to want we live in the age of cellular technology is 2018 everybody has a phone take advantage of it plus when you are connected on your phone it is the source of so much knowledge it’s basically your own digital best friend they can provide you with any kind of resource you can imagine so love your phone when you are so low traveling trust your gut surprisingly good annoying when you should or shouldn’t do something to listen to your gun unless of course it’s after a big meal in which case it’s probably just a little bit of indigestion travel solo ready only travel alone if you feel you are ready it’s normal to be nervous and scared but if you are so worried scared and nervous that you were making yourself ill or if it’s causing you a ton of stress then maybe this time isn’t right for you practice makes perfect and buy


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