One of the most interesting stories and ideas about NEW YEAR is making a fruitful year ahead.

This is the spirit of New Year!

One of the top lima New Year’s resolution as listed:

1. Make more money for 2021 – Many of us usually wish for making more money this 2021.

This is common, businessmen also has a tradition for this. Chinese do have there own New Year Celebration. A lot of rituals and traditions are being presented on Chinese New Year. But to make more money needs more hard work, good strategies for the business. So your wish will come true if you work hard for it.

2. Be more loving and spiritual – It is important to be loving and drive you more closer to God for the coming Year to avoid any distractions and temptations in achieving one’s goal.

3. To lose weight. – Due to the holidays and a lot of food on our table, we also forget to maintain our weight.  Getting fat is a big problem especially for ladies. This is important because body figure will also matter. You need to buy more clothes to blend with the occasion you will be attending. It is good to have enough weight for your age.

4. Success in career and good career path. Every man wish for this. Getting a good career in the near future is one way of achieving the number 1 New Year’s resolution on the list above, because if you have  a good career, that means you are making a lot of money out from it.

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