Within Your Budget Travel With Your Own Choice


Traveling would be the exciting part in your life. Sightseeing

and adventure to a different place, different country would

be incredible and indelible once you have planned. If you

wanted to travel outside Cebu, or even out of the Country,

there are many options for you to save your budget. Here are

the few traveling tips    if you plan to go to Hong Kong,

Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and those

Asian countries you wanted to visit, you can book a flight

either by CEBU Pacific Airlines, Philippines Airlines.

Once you have booked via online for your ticket to any Asian

Countries, you can actually purchase it at a lower price or

promo fare. Be aware that many people are monitoring for

the promo fares especially for CEBU PACIFIC flights. They

have year round fares, which is for instance:

Recently they have P82.50 fare on way, and P82.50 return

trip. However, remember there are charges that you still

have to pay.

So if you book for the Round Trip Ticket let?S say from Cebu

to Hong Kong or Singapore:  Here is your ultimate guides in a travel

  Base Fare: PHP 165.00

  YQ: PHP 1,309.50

 Air Passenger Departure Tax: PHP 668.78

 Q: PHP 183.91

  Web Admin Fee Fee: PHP 160.00

  PC: PHP 0.00

  Total: PHP dua,487.19

  So if you have a baggage then you will pay additional charge

of BAG15: PHP 350.00

This sounds very cheap. Moreover, not only that, you can

save up your hotel accommodation if you book early. Take

note of my travel tips    that you can choose those best

places to stay while you are on your vacation.  You can either

pay via credit card, or pay over the counter from various

banks specified. You can check for www.Cebupacificair.Com

or to Philippine Airlines website.

Many hostel, guesthouses, hotel accommodation that you

can book. This will be your tips and guides for your upcoming trip.

You can check the following:

1. Agoda.Com- accept PayPal, and Credit Cards

2. Hostels.Com- accept Credit Cards, Money Brokers

3. Hostelworld.Com- accept credit cards

4. Hostelsclub.Com ? Accept credit cards and debit cards

with visa and MasterCard logos

5. You can directly contact the Guest Houses you

have known that is good.

Those websites accept credit cards, and they have the option

either to book you ahead and the payment would be at the

time of your arrival in the location specified. Therefore, you

can choose many options. Be sure you have the enough funds

to cover the expenses. Having the ticket alone and the hotel

accommodation would not be a guarantee to get a permit

from the immigration officers. Moreover, do not forget this

traveling tips  , make sure you have sufficient fund and

that the immigration officers would be able to conclude that

you are good to go.



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