As the new virus outbreak in Wuhan China is now on alert, Wuhan City going to and from is closed to avoid human circulation of this viral infection. This also to prevent human to human infection and transfer, people are needed to have a face mask, disinfectant. The Airline companies followed strict rules by use of thermal scanners with each and every passenger and to ensure that any passengers with the signs of having the virus, is not allowed to go and fly since it will spread to the public. To avoid such, some airline companies canceled their flights going to and from the cities, to avoid the easy spread of this virus. The symptoms started with a cough, fever and some got serious human illness which will lead to death.

As some of the schools in the Philippines, starting today are closed since there are students who are coming from China. There is no virus case found in the Philippines. There’s a case of cough and flu, fever case, but it was not severe, and negative in the said infection.

According to the DOH, the Department of Health reaches 13 people in the Philippines under observation to check penting signs, but all negative results from the specimen samples provided. But Airline companies still continue to operate, and some flights are canceled.

As a traveler, be aware of the travel advisories from different countries, so every travel experience will not be affected.

It is also one way to protect your health, better postpone it if there is an advisory from the government agencies. It is important to keep updated while you travel. Most of the airline companies provide refunds from canceled flights due to the inevitable events. You have the option to ask for a refund or keep it as credit for the next flight within one year of first booking modification.

Here are my traveling tips for this unexpected scenario. What is your option when your flight is canceled?

1.  First, you need to call your airline company since you need a refund or either move it to a new date.

You only asked for a new date of flight, if only if you are sure about the next flight date. Since you are working, you need to be sure if the date is available for you to travel.

2. Check with the hotel booking, since traveling to overseas, either you book a hotel or accommodation for your stay. This means you need to settle this too since you don’t want to lose your money.

Tiga. Check your transportation travel reservation, if you got a ticket too, try to check and cancel it as soon as you have the information. Since this will also cost you money when you don’t continue your trip.

4. Try to be positive, why this happened? It is also a good idea to know the latest updates, and not to be unaware of it. This is an important tip when you are traveling.

Lima. When you cancel your trip, try to think of an option. Aside from traveling abroad, you have the option to go nearby. Traveling to and from is an opportunity to see new places, cultures, food, and activities in the places you want to go to. In short, it is up to your travel options and you decide which you want to do to.

You can either, stay at home or go somewhere in your area which is interesting and with the fulfillment of what you want to do.

When travel flights are delayed, oops, I have been to in this situation. This is not the passenger’s fault. It is beyond the traveler’s dream to delay a flight. Since to and from, I calculate the hour’s gap while having a layover. But one time I got a delayed flight and it also affected my next return flight.

Perks in the delayed flight situation:

1. Diverted flight to an original flight ticket. Based on personal experience. I got a flight from the Netherlands to Dubai Int’l Airport, boarded the flight Air Serbia, and a flight delay issue but they handled the situation properly. And I don’t like the scenario but it was a nice experience, so I started to like it. Since, I have another flight from Serbia to Italy, Rome. Yes, indeed you are traveling around Europe . Your unforgettable experience, might be?

What I will do during these fifteen  (15) hours of layover? There’s one solution, try to avail of the Venice transfers and capture photos with your pictures high-resolution camera.

Who benefited for this, no other than but only you. As much as possible, make it always an unforgettable trip.

Dua. Enjoy free access to an airport lounge for this type of scenario. Because of the situation, airline companies make sure that your experience is not to be dismayed and it should be worth it experience. Though thank you for your patience and support for the inconvenience.

3. Enjoy the free access in the business lounge, with the yummy food provided at the business club lounge. You will forget your inconvenient experience. But it is worth more than what you paid for the original flight tickets.

When you travel, be aware of these scenarios. With my additional tips, always bring with you your favorite book while you travel.

Or if you want to take a nap inside the lounge you can do it, but please do set your alarm clock. Since when you are traveling alone, you need to be alert and aware of your scheduled next departure.


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