If you are in a tight budget but you still want to travel, you may need to find all of the information about whereto go travelling when you are in atight budget. As we all know, travelling is one of the ways to calm and relaxour mind and body after having a rough week of work. There are some people who like to go to travel outside of the country, and there are some people who like to explore their country. No matter what kind of travelling that you choose,you need to adjust to your budget. If you really are in a tight budget, do notworry, you still can go travelling in these countries.


Wantto travel to a country which has a rich culture? Thailand can be your nexttravel destination. With a rich culture and amazing food, you can enjoyexploring while learning the history and the culture of Thailand. If you do notwant to be in the crowd, you can explore Thailand’s islands which have amazingand stunning views.

South Africa

Inhere, you can have the best safari experience with a reasonable budget. SouthAfrica offers you a stunning view of the animals and the savannah. You can alsochoose either you want to go with backpackers or not.


Similarto Thailand, Vietnam will also offer you a beautiful countryside and deliciousfood. In here, you can also enjoy the beautifulness of the beaches in Vietnam.You can also enjoy the experience of eating food alongside the locals.


Believeit or not, India has been the most visited country for many years. Manytravelers come to India to enjoy eating their amazing food and enjoy thebeautifulness of India’s nature. Also, the locals in India are very friendly.You will feel safe in India.


If you only know Mexico as the taco’s country, then you really need to set Mexicoas your next destination country. Of course, you will taste the tacos andtequila in there, but you will also find the natural beauty of Mexico. Forexample, the beautiful white sand, delicious street foods, and thecrystal-clear sinkhole.

All of those above are the lists of the countries which can you can go onto your next travel. Do keep in mind that wherever you go, you need to be careful. Find where to go travelling and enjoy it!


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